Development of the International Education Program Veleri-OI IoT School

Project work packages (and the main activities)

Work package 1:
Development of a new international education program in the IoT field in English language

Main activities:
As a part of the development of a new international education program, teachers will be trained in the field of the development of new education programs and innovative teaching methods. The acquired competences will enable teachers to develop new education programs. As a result of this working package, a new curriculum in the IoT field will be developed in the English language, based on an analysis of the international labour market needs.

Work package 2:
Creating a business plan for a new international education program

Main activities:
The business plan for the new international education program will outline the core activities that will be implemented in the period of 5 years after the project is completed to assure long term sustainability of the program.

Work package 3:
Implementing a pilot project for a new international education program

Main activities:
Implementation of the pilot project of the new international education program will test the concept of the program. The education program evaluation will identify its possible deficiencies and thus it will identify and implement corrective measures. By this means, the sustainability of the new education program will be ensured.

Work package V:
Promotion and visibility

Main activities:
This work package will ensure effective communication, dissemination and visibility of the project and the project results. For this purpose, promotional materials will be published and project website maintained. In addition, two conferences will be organised, articles presenting the project will be published and project presentations will be held at different events.

Work package PM:
Project management and administration

Main activities:
The purpose of this work package is to ensure the effective management and coordination of all the activities required. The project implementation will be monitored and reports on its progress submitted. In addition, the project will be evaluated.

IoT (Internet of Things) is a network of various physical devices with built-in electronics, software, sensors and actuators that enable these things to connect, collect and exchange data.


Competencies in the field of electronics, automation, telecommunications and software development are necessary for the development of the Internet of Things.


Veleri-OI IoT School is an international education program in which students acquire core competencies necessary for the development and commercialization of the Internet of Things.

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